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Jen and

Happily Made in the U.S.A.


My doggie driving seat has been an incredible asset because of my recent pregnancy and need for my pup to be securely and safely strapped in while I’m driving. My min pin loves to look out the window and ride in the car now. He gets so excited when we go for a ride, he practically jumps in the seat himself!

I feel safer and more confident driving with him knowing that he is secured. Also, this seat is made out of the most durably engineered materials. My husband is an engineer and he was even impressed, though didn’t want to admit it because of the cute Argyle pattern I chose! Functional and attractive. What more could you ask for?

It’s an amazing product, one I recommend to small dog owners. Thank you Melissa for an exceptional product and for your true enthusiasm for keeping our “fur children” safe and sound.

Sincerely and thoughtfully,


I purchased the Doggie Driving seat a few months ago for my 15-lb dog, who’d never had a car seat before. When I used harnesses, he chewed through them so this was a God send.

Hermes loves his seat it boosts him up so he can see out the window and it cocoons his body comfortably. You should see him burrow into it. He almost sighs in satisfaction. My 60-lb dog looks at him and then looks at me as if to say,  ‘Where's my seat’?

Melissa manufactures these here in the USA using quality products. The hard shell is nothing like other booster seats and really protects a pet during a crash. That’s what its all about and isn’t your dogs life worth that?

Eileen S

I met Melissa at an adoption fair and looked into her Doggie Driving seats. She took alot of time explaining to me how the seat was made and its benefits. She ‘sat’ on the seat and ‘jumped’ on it to show how strong the shell is made. I was sold the minute I saw it. She custom made and installed it for me a few weeks later. Its the best thing I have ever bought for my little one. She LOVES it and comes everywhere with me now without fear.

As far as the price is concerned -my dogs life is priceless!!!

Marcie & BooBoo

I purchased the Doggie Driving car seat for my chihuahua about 2 years ago. I love my dog and she is priceless to me. This dog seat is brilliant & perfectly designed for comfort and for safety!!

I do quite a lot of driving and my little Macie is always with me and I feel totally safe with her in her seat. She loves it and loves to look out the window (safely) while we drive. I have recommended this doggie car seat to everyone I know and will continue to do so as long as Melissa is making them!!

Megan & Macie Mae

As a proud owner of a doggie driving car seat, I absolutely love it for my 5 lb. Yorkie! By the way, she loves it too! This is one of the best made seats out there. My 6’2, 230 lb. boyfriend can step on the seat and it doesn't budge. It’s completely solid and safe.

Before, I bought this car seat, I was looking for a seat that looked nice and was safe. Everything out there except for Doggie Driving is junk! I didn't buy a seat even though I knew I needed one until one day I slammed on my brakes and my puppy flew head first into the foot board. I thought she was dead. Thankfully, she was fine! My friend, serendipitously, gave me a brochure for Doggie Driving. That day I fell in love with and bought the car seat for my dog. It’s the only seat on the market that looks good and is safe!

I am so grateful to Melissa for creating an amazing product! Don’t wait until something happens to your dog before you get a car seat. I would never put a price tag on quality, let alone on my dog. My dog is priceless! This car seat is worth every single penny I paid. Thanks Melissa!

Jen and Dolce

I have a 3 yr old 10 lb rescue dog. 1 year ago I was in a terrible car accident that total my Lexus SUV. My dog was in the front seat harnessed into one of those $140 dog car seats that you buy from an upscale pet shop. I thought that this seat was good protection for her. Well the front end of my car was pushed in all the way to the front seats. My dog was hit by both front and side airbags and then flew into the windshield. She was in the hospital for 3 days with internal injuries. She was afraid to get back into any car after that.