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Contact: 415-368-5400

Contact: 415-368-5400

  1. www.susanlancidesigns.com

  2. Susan Lanci- Very stylish designs! The ultra-suede she uses is the best. Plus Swarovski crystals! Need I say more! This is Pet Couture.  She offers a variety of ways to customize your harness to your stylish needs. Her ‘step-in-harness is great for dogs that do not like things going over their head. She specializes in 2 lbs and under small dog harness. All of her designs are stunning! Check out her bows too.


  1. Hip Doggie is Fierce Fashion! Their harnesses are for the dogs that are always in front of the pup’arizzi!  Offered into a variety of colors and styles to fit every fashionistas desire! They start with high quality materials like Stansier brand mesh fabric, environmental-friendly production, quick drying capability, softness and feel, flexibility, breathability, tensile strength and resistance to wear. Then they turn it into durable Couture wear for our pups! These are fun and easy to use harnesses for all size dogs!

RC Pet Products makes a wonderful harness and other great products for your beloved pets. Their harnesses have a great surface area to disperse energy across the dogs body in case of an accident. It is a car restraint, non-choking harness and chest protector all rolled into one easy to use device. The Canine Friendly VestHarness is a great soft walking harness and comfortable alternative to traditional harnesses. The breathable soft chest panel eliminates pressure points on shoulders, neck and chest. Easy to use harnesses for all size dogs.http://www.rcpets.com/rcpets/index.php/browse/category/id/CFSH#main_panelhttp://www.hotmail.comshapeimage_8_link_0

Please travel with a harness on your beloved pet to secure them in the car or in the Doggie Driving Small Dog Car Seat.

Suggested harnesses for your small or big dog to wear while riding in the car.

     As a passionate inventor of pet products, I intimately know what it takes to produce a quality product that is stylish and addresses the need in the best possible design. Products I admire are stylish and made of quality materials that will last. My recommendations are based on the following criteria:

  1. 1.Style

  2. 2.Function

  3. 3.Quality of materials used

  4. 4.Special consideration if made in the U.S.A.

  5. 5.The company takes care of costumers

     Over the years I have developed a friendship with fellow inventors and manufactures. The companies below I admire for their products and integrity in the pet product business.

Happily Made in the U.S.A.